Please Remember to follow KMS Dress Code 2020-2021

Please note that the Dress Code bottoms must be either be DARK blue jeans, or Tan/Navy Blue Twill pants. *NO BLACK PANTS OR BLACK JEANS!*  The tops must be only KMS school shirts as followed: 6th-Navy, 7th-Black, and 8th-Red.

Please continue reading for additional guide lines.

Ø Attire that disrupts the educational process, threatens the learning environment, endangers the health and safety of students or any others will not be tolerated.

· Masks must be worn correctly at all times – no bandanas or offensive/inappropriate messages or designs.

· Students must wear a KMS school t-shirt. NO POLO/BUTTON SHIRTS

· 6th grade will be required to wear the NAVY BLUE KMS T-shirt.

· 7th grade will be required to wear the BLACK KMS T-shirt.

· 8th grade will be required to wear the RED KMS T-shirt.

· Shirts must be tucked in.

· Undershirts MUST be in school colors (navy blue, red or black) and worn under school approved T-shirt.

· Facial piercings must be a stud, no hoops.

· NO BACKPACKS (large or small) OR LARGE PURSES for security purposes.

· ID’s must be worn around neck at all times.

· Hats are not to be worn or brought onto campus.

· Blankets are not allowed.

· No bedroom slippers or pajamas will be allowed.

· Jackets: button up or zip front are permissible.

· Hooded Sweatshirts: must be: SOLID red, black, white, grey, or navy blue.

· Shoes: only closed toe shoes allowed (no Crocs, sandals, or open toe shoes)

· SHORTS, SKIRTS, SKORTS: must be hemmed and either be DARK blue jeans, or Tan/Navy Blue Twill pants. *NO BLACK PANTS OR BLACK JEANS!*

· No leggings, yoga pants, jeggings, sweat pants, or athletic shorts. They may wear pants, skirts, skorts or shorts made of denim or twill.

· Shorts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.

· Pants/shorts must be worn around the waist with a belt (shoelaces are unacceptable belts).

· Pants must not have any holes, frays or writing on them.

Students in violation of the dress code will not be allowed to attend classes or participate in after school activities until they meet the policies set forth by the KMS SAC committee.