Important information on how to fix the iPad issues!

Good Morning,

As of 8:30am (4/14/2020) the county began to send out the update that should fix the google classroom on iPads issue.
However, there are a few things that might impede it.
The app called “Relay Smart Agent” needs to be updated. Students will not be able to do this. What they need to do is keep the iPad on and hooked up to WIFI the update should come down automatically.
You can see if the iPad has been updated by clicking on the app. The version is listed on the page that comes up, it should say midway down the page:
“Lightspeed Systems”

***If the number is 1.2.15 then it still needs to update**

When the version shows 1.2.16, open google classroom and log in. Log in with your full email address at the first login window. (This is their
On the second login window that says Polk County you will use just their username and password.

If you are still unable to get into Google Classroom please email with the details for assistance.

Thank you for your patience as will fix the issues.